Thursday, 20 October 2011

Write all you want...

An article published. Written by a NON-APPLE user. Yeah, Steve Jobs is not great but what does the author knows? Has he experienced the first computer with colored screen and different fonts? Has he felt the first time owning a phone with all happening applications? I don't think so and he has the guts to write all that and claiming that he is a Non-Apple user?? I don't buy what he said. And surprisingly, there were people said it was GOOD. Obviously, they too are Non-Apple users. Well, if you are an Apple user and you write this article then maybe I would look at what and why the person has written such article. So honestly, I couldn't bothered to read or care what the person wrote and I won't take back what I have written about Steve Jobs. To me, its still a great LOST! Because since 12 years old, Apple has been a great impact in my childhood. Whatever Steve Jobs has done, did make a big difference in the industry and our lives.

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