Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our society today

Last weekend I went back to Singapore to visit my mom. I decided to also buy my family and relatives a good dinner to celebrate the launch of the book which I have illustrated for. We decided to have the japanese buffet at the restaurant in Heeren. 

So I took an MRT from Harbour Front to Dhoby Ghaut MRT then changed to Sumerset as I needed to get to Heeren. During my ride, I don't know what happened to me but I was like Mother Teresa on the train. Hahahaha! I moved my seat so that to let a Chinese couple to be able to sit together. Then I gave up my seat to an Indian pregnant woman. And I stood there hearing an old man talking to a young NS guy who was listening to his ipod. 

I was thinking to myself why would the old man kept talking when the young man was listening to his ipod and totally ignored him. Then the old man lifted up his head and asked me where he was. He needed to go to Pasir Ris. I looked at him and asked him was he alone. He couldn't hear me very well and I needed to shout at him. I told him he was in the wrong train. He should have gotten off at Outram Park and transfer to a different route. So I hold that old man's hand and got him out of the train in Dhoby Ghaut told him how to go to Pasir Ris and handed him over to another stranger to take him to Outram Park. 

It saddened me that our society today is filled with people who just lived in their own world. Why can't they take a minute to look around? Do charity, help others or even just use recycle bag. 

I am not saying that I have done all that but at least I carry a recycle bag around and try not to use Plastic Bag. Do you carry a recycle bag? I am just surprised that not many Singaporean are doing that. Why should it be just Ikea? Or NTUC? Why not everywhere? In Malaysia especially in Selangor, we practise that every weekend. Be it in Curve or One Utama, people here use recycle bag. No recycle bag on weekend is gonna be a hell of trouble for you. I hope this entry enlightened you in one way or another. Be gracious. Practice inner peace in you. Open you mind to see a wider spectrum and not just restrict to inner-self. 

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