Saturday, 22 October 2011

planting new babies...

I called my 'mama' in Australia today. I miss her laughter and her voice. Been almost a year I haven't seen her. I called her to ask about some planting tips. Knowing that she loves plants and now with my ever growing Sabah Snake Grass, I decided to call her to get some advice how to get them multiplied. Not very often I am exposed to planting or gardening, the last time I had a touch of it was during my primary school days. Basically just growing bean sprouts. Hahahah! But this Sabah Snake Grass has gotten me quite serious. With both hands having a touch of planting and gardening. I love it. I enjoy watching the plants grow and reaching out to the sun every morning.

Mama told me that she going to stay longer in Australia till Elyna turns 2. I wish mama is here and I could bring her over to my place to show her the plant that she once helped me to grow while they were still babies. :) Now they have turned so adult that I have to cut them and make more new plants. Baby plant has grown to become parents today. Am so happy :)
My 'granddaughter'

my 'daughter's' leaves are as big as the length of my palm
these leaves are all prepared to juice the next day. They help to prevent cancer and also have a detox purpose.
My daughter :)

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