Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My New House

Honestly, I am very reluctant to move. I am so used to staying in Sunway and totally in love with my little house with 3 rooms. But I guess the opportunity came by and I just have to move. It a much bigger house with 5 rooms and a built up space of almost 1800 sq feet. Double storey house right in the heart of PJ old town. It is walking distance to banks, Post office and also Giant Super market. Right opposite this new place is a coffee shop. I guess it totally convenient for my parents if they decided to come over to stay with me. I love the space, i like the convenience but i am not very sure about the noisy and busy surrounding. I guess i just have to try and get used to it. Right now is all the paper work and stuff to be hand over the property. If everything is good and smooth running, i should be able to move in by end of this year. :)

India with Lot of Love

Last March, my company decided to organise a company trip to India. It was like a dream came true. Many of us were into photography and been longing to go to India. Initially we were quite ambitious, we wanted to go to Nepal but somehow we managed to make India, New Delhi, our company trip 2012. It was a 6 days 5 night tour. Everything was DIY...backpacked plus a bit of self tour arrangement with one of our friend, Jay. A beautiful place and most importantly we had great company during trip. Everyone enjoyed ourselves very much. As for next year...well some already was talking about Russia...hahaa. Oh man...well, lets hope for the best and work hard toward our aim next year!