Friday, 31 December 2010


This photo looks very Japanese. Its very 70s...and its in very high contrast. I love it.

Well...after 5 weeks...and spent almost RM2300...I finally got my leg back in good shape. My cast was taken out and i feel like a 1 year old learning how to walk. My leg is weak and i feel like a spaceman walking in outer space. Its a weird and painful experience but I had learnt so much these few weeks in cast.

My leg is free to be showered with the other leg. Hahaha. But its funny that i secretly wish that the cast wasn't taken away. I will miss the warm protection and having a good reason to swing my crutches around.

But nothing beats the freedom. I am FREE again. Thank, God. And I will be very careful with the way I walk from now on....

Thursday, 30 December 2010


I am super emo today. Yes. Joshua left.

4 years, we have shared so much together. A guy who knows exactly what I like...not at work but leisure stuff.

Every year, I will look forward to his christmas present. I love all the earrings he got for me. I might sound a little admiration but yeah...he just got the taste like mine.

He decided to pursue a better opportunity in life and leave us for good. Its sad yet I am also very happy for him...

i am gonna miss him...

I am back~

I remember I used to write a lot of happy stuff on my blog. It used to be known as a space that has a lot of stupid incidents to be read. Hahaha...I like that part of me.

And one day out of the blue, I deleted everything away. I regretted. Those were really good stuff that marked all the funny incidents especially those robbery jokes that I shared even till today. I can't find them back anymore. But its ok.

Life is like a haircut. You might cut away your hair but they will grow back again. So my life journey doesn't stop just here. All the bad incidents or unhappiness will eventually be a past. I just have to embrace all these experiences, take them as challenges and overcome it with courage. :)

SO i hope this blog is not just about me...but a happier me. A place where I would like to give testimony and share all my humour. I welcome you whether you are friends, enemies, associate, colleagues, ex-colleagues, families or friends, I welcome all of you to read and enter my world. :)