Friday, 30 September 2011

My biography...

Raised as an Artist’s daughter, yet was never taught by her artist father. Dora Ong, an arts loving person, only found her passion in drawing recently. A mass communication graduate, Dora also runs an advertising agency called Pep Design Sdn Bhd ( She loves painting, sewing and singing. This food series is being expressed in a simple still life approach. Using watercolour, pencil and ink as her medium, Dora expressed her love in these foods through her drawing. Enjoy this sumptuous collection.

My babies are out for sale

After weeks of non-stop drawings, finally my babies are out. They are all done with lot of love and I am glad that half of them are SOLD. I hope my drawings will inspire many and I will continue to draw to keep the momentum going....


KUIH BAHULU- RM120/ S$70 (inclusive of handling and delivery fee)



TEH TARIK- RM120/ S$70

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Book is finally Launched...

It was a very moving event. When I first saw how they used my drawings to animate for the opening sequence during the book launch, I almost cried with tears of joy. I was so happy. It was a rare opportunity that my paintings is being exposed to the public. Everyone in this event was of Very Important Person (VIP) status. They belonged to either a CEO or Managing Director of those big corporations in Malaysia. And I heard that the Prime Minister has a copy too. The joy and honour which I experienced last night were truly unexplainable. It was beyond words to describe. I wish I could just HOLD ON to that very moment and I have never imagine that my work can inspire so many. :)
Cheryl from Khazanah who believe in us and made everything possible

The Author, Alvin Ung, signing autograph for those who gotten the book.

I was definitely happy to be there. Wish that my love ones were there as well to enjoy this moment with me besides Diane.

Me with the book.
Diane was there too...So happy to share this moment with her
We were all dressed up for the occasion

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

a Glorious morning

Today I am being invited to an important event that is the launch of a book that has used my illustration as cover and also part of its design. I am so happy and honored to be part of this project. Its a formal event and so I am all dressed up in Malaysian Traditional wear. My heart is pounding really fast and I hope to receive positive feedback. This book has marked a significance in my life. It has helped me to find back my long lost gift in me- Painting...I will cherish this moment and continue to draw to be inspired. And most importantly, I thank my sister, Diane who believe in me and got me to draw for this book. I would like to also thank Jesus for the wonderful gift that He has granted me and I will continue to do task that will glorify His name. Amen...

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sabah Snake Grass 优遁草

About half a year ago, an ex-poly mate of mine wrote to me on FB looking for this type of grass in Malaysia. I had never heard of it and so I went online to look for information about this type of grass. Apparently, there were many testimonies written online about how this type of grass has cured many. I was very excited and went around looking for it. I finally found them in Seremban in Jelebu a place called '草药园’ (HP: +60196609502-Mr. Tiang) which is about 2 hours drive from KL. I brought them to my friend whose mom was in her 3rd stage of colon cancer. And so going to Seremban is like a very now and then task if anyone needs the plant urgently.

2 weeks ago, a client of mine told me that her breast cancer is not looking good. Without any hesitation, I told her that I will go Seremban for her. And the next day, I plucked out 60 leaves from my own Sabah Snake Grass for her. My trip to Seremban yesterday, I managed to bring home 11 baby plants and 3 big tubs of 300 leaves in each back. I want to bless many with these leaves. I strongly believe that it can cure and bring hopes to many who is currently suffering from cancer. For those who would like to know more about the leaves..

Here are some sites to know more....

On a regular basis, I also pluck 10 leaves per day and blend with fruit juice to drink...(eg. Green Apple or Kiwi) I must take good care of my body so that I can live long enough to fulfill my dream of opening a backpacker lodge in Sabah or even a place for cancer patient to have a retreat.

My baby plant who just got migrated from Seremban...They shall bloomed to the maximum and blessed many with good health.
My "daughter" which I have been planting it for almost 6 months. "Baby, Mommy is so proud of you! U will continue to grow to bless many!!"

I am giving blood today!!

My lunch today is just a sweet corn and edamame...I am eating plain because I am donating my blood today at 3pm. I will try to donate my blood every 3months once. My way to contribute back to the society. Honestly, there are not many who can give blood. You must have the courage and also be physically fit otherwise even if you have the courage but your blood is not suitable they won't even pull a single drop of blood out of you. Today, I will be going alone. Whatever it is, my intention is to bless other just like the way I blessed those cancer patients with my Sabah Snake Grass...

This was taken today at Tropicana City Mall... :)
Blood giving...if you have the courage, I urged everyone to go for it. Do something meaningful in life. Give blood to save others.

This 2nd October in Shaw Parade at Pudu.

Hi all, my paintings will be selling at Shaw Parade- Kaka Art Market on the 2nd October. I am very excited and very hopeful for this event. My work will be selling at RM120 each and I am looking forward to your support. This year's theme will be Our Local Taste. Here's a little preview of these works. There will be 15 paintings to be placed on sale and already 3 have been pre-booked. :) Anyway, Hope you will like it. Enjoy!! :)

Friday, 23 September 2011


Grandma made the best soup, fried the best vegetable and cooked the best teochew style porridge. She smoke and gamble but she is always soft spoken and loving. I remember I used to listen to the Radiofusion and help her to write down all the winning number for her Toto bets. She is a nice lady and very often have compassion for others. I miss her very much. :( its been 5 years since she left us but memories of her are still vivid on my mind...

my kueh kueh series...

This October 2nd, I will be selling some of my work in Kaka Art Market in Shaw Parade. I am very excited and I hope the paintings will sell like hot cakes. Here is a little preview of what I had drawn...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I lost my aunt on the 14th September this year. She is my mom's only sister. Even though at age 79, she was still physically strong and was able to travel to many places with my mom. It was only early this year in March, they both went to China and today, part of me still couldn't accept the fact that she is gone forever.

I only have 1 aunt. And while my sister and I were away in Malaysia, she was one of the few who kept my mom company and very often traveled to China and many places with her. Very often when I called my mom, she was always next to her at Hougang Mall having lunch or coffee. Even though my mom and her were 11 years age gap apart, they were almost as close as twins sister. They both shared the same sense of humour and my mom looked upon her very much.

During their younger days, my aunt had to work in order to support the family. She and my grandmother provided daily meals for the family while my mom and uncle were still studying. Thus, till this day, my mom felt that she has owed her sister a lot and the kindness could never be repaid. I remember aunt as someone very soft spoken, never heard her talking bad about others and very often smiled and happy to see me when I am back in Singapore.

About 3 months ago, she had a very bad stomach and was having several diarrhea. She went to seek for a doctor and doctor sent her to a specialist and was diagnosed as 4th stage liver cancer. The cancer cells not only attacked her liver, it also attacked her colon, cervical and breasts. It was all over her body and they couldn't operate or perform chemotherapy for her due to her old age and in her advance stage of cancer. So it was sort of "Let it be" and "Let her die" situation.

It was very devastating for the family especially my mom. Seeing her lost weight overnight and becoming frail daily, was a very painful sight for us. I tried every way to make her feel better. I traveled 120km from KL to Seremban to get her a few pack of Sabah Snake Grass leaves and also tea bags for her. I also seek help from friends who has remedy to cure cancer. It was a non-stop traveling around and visiting her every time I went back to Singapore. Nothing helps. I tried to spread her gospel during the last 2nd time I visited her. She didn't accept. And I lost her completely on the 14th...It was painful for me, my mom and everyone in the family. She was very dear to us. I wasn't blessed with many aunts like some of my friends. I only have 1 and so when we lost her, life will be very different. I would need to spend more time with my mom. We (my Sister and I) would need to go back more often. Our mother's sister and also her best friend is gone. There will be a portion of our time be allocated just for my mom from now on...

I would like to end my entry by thanking my aunt:
"大姨, 谢谢您陪伴我们的妈妈。感谢您给她和小舅的养育之恩。感谢您对我们大家的疼爱。我们会非常的想念您。 希望上帝能够接纳您。但愿能在天堂与您相见...."

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It was Diane's birthday...

I must thank God for making yesterday a happy day for Diane. Without God's blessing, it won't be a full success to make a lady with a sick kid and suffered from sleepless nights, a happy one yesterday. I decided to draw a portrait for Diane. It was a piece of work that was full of love. I love my sister very much. Even though it was quite a rush work, I am pretty pleased with the end result. I would like to end my post by saying this wishes to her: "Diane...Jie, Be happy. Stay healthy and be blessed with all good things in life. And always remember that you are loved by many...Happy birthday. I love you..."