Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Book is finally Launched...

It was a very moving event. When I first saw how they used my drawings to animate for the opening sequence during the book launch, I almost cried with tears of joy. I was so happy. It was a rare opportunity that my paintings is being exposed to the public. Everyone in this event was of Very Important Person (VIP) status. They belonged to either a CEO or Managing Director of those big corporations in Malaysia. And I heard that the Prime Minister has a copy too. The joy and honour which I experienced last night were truly unexplainable. It was beyond words to describe. I wish I could just HOLD ON to that very moment and I have never imagine that my work can inspire so many. :)
Cheryl from Khazanah who believe in us and made everything possible

The Author, Alvin Ung, signing autograph for those who gotten the book.

I was definitely happy to be there. Wish that my love ones were there as well to enjoy this moment with me besides Diane.

Me with the book.
Diane was there too...So happy to share this moment with her
We were all dressed up for the occasion

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I must be the pj visitor on your feedjit hehee.. havent bn reading ur blogs, still good as always so dun forget to write :)