Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sabah Snake Grass 优遁草

About half a year ago, an ex-poly mate of mine wrote to me on FB looking for this type of grass in Malaysia. I had never heard of it and so I went online to look for information about this type of grass. Apparently, there were many testimonies written online about how this type of grass has cured many. I was very excited and went around looking for it. I finally found them in Seremban in Jelebu a place called '草药园’ (HP: +60196609502-Mr. Tiang) which is about 2 hours drive from KL. I brought them to my friend whose mom was in her 3rd stage of colon cancer. And so going to Seremban is like a very now and then task if anyone needs the plant urgently.

2 weeks ago, a client of mine told me that her breast cancer is not looking good. Without any hesitation, I told her that I will go Seremban for her. And the next day, I plucked out 60 leaves from my own Sabah Snake Grass for her. My trip to Seremban yesterday, I managed to bring home 11 baby plants and 3 big tubs of 300 leaves in each back. I want to bless many with these leaves. I strongly believe that it can cure and bring hopes to many who is currently suffering from cancer. For those who would like to know more about the leaves..

Here are some sites to know more....

On a regular basis, I also pluck 10 leaves per day and blend with fruit juice to drink...(eg. Green Apple or Kiwi) I must take good care of my body so that I can live long enough to fulfill my dream of opening a backpacker lodge in Sabah or even a place for cancer patient to have a retreat.

My baby plant who just got migrated from Seremban...They shall bloomed to the maximum and blessed many with good health.
My "daughter" which I have been planting it for almost 6 months. "Baby, Mommy is so proud of you! U will continue to grow to bless many!!"

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