Thursday, 27 January 2011

Money Vs God

Chinese New Year is a time when family comes together and celebrate a new beginning of the year. Its a reunion. For some, Chinese New Year is a time of spending and also paying all the old debts. Money Money Money as usual.

I had some struggle at work. Client has delayed our payment and so I had to delay payment to suppliers. I can't even pay myself. It was very challenging and the whole time, I am just thinking how to settle this and that.

I couldn't take it one day and was feeling super depressed the whole morning. After a whole day of facing suppliers and answerable to their payment, I came home all down and broken. I cried. Cried and cried. And I couldn't stop. I kept asking God why did He allow all that to happen to me? Why? Why?...The crying couldn't stop and I decided to talk to someone but I don't know who. So I randomly called someone who answered his call unexpectedly.

It truly worked for a while as I was distracted by the conversation and ended the conversation having the both of us laughing. I ended the call with soothing heart and I prayed that night. I told God that I am not gonna think about it anymore and just for Him to take care of the situation for me.

The next morning, I went to work as usual. But I did everything constructively. And managed to work on these bad debts that others are owing. Even though I know they couldn't pay me immediately, I was hopeful. I prayed. True enough pay came in slowly...not a lot but good enough. I just praise Lord for providing without asking. I praise Lord for giving when is needed. He is amazing. AMEN!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


"I played with you in the night and think about you in the day.

I load you with lot of games and protect you with a bag.

Yes, you are my entertainment everyday that even Entertainment News Channel can't take me away. Hahaha.

I love you, Ipod Touchy for you have accompany me all the way~!"


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Listening in different language

I attended Bahasa Service today. Tats was the drummer. Amazing service. The group was small maybe around 20pax but Holy Spirit just filled in that room that moved my heart. A few times during praise and worship, I could feel that my heart was pumping.

I had a hard time understand what Pastor Yayah was sharing. I guess I was totally "lost in translation" situation. Thank God, my Nokia has a Indonesian to English dictionary and look up the key words. It was a very basic massage about God's love and how as a Christian we should carry our attitude toward our lives. AMAZING.

You know the amazing part about attending a "Foreign" language was that we just concentrate on the body language and the key words. Like a Puzzle, we are just putting everything together. And at the end of the day, I asked Tats was it what all the sermon about? And he said YES. God just want me to pay attention and listen what He want me to understand. I am BLESSED.

And through this experience, I realised that perhaps God is equipping me for Mission work this year. I need to get used to foreign language such as Indonesian. So that I am able to widen my horizon. 2011 will be a meaningful year for me. I have decided to do more mission work and charity to give Glory to our Lord.

God is wonderful and definitely has a bigger plan for me. AMEN!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


This morning I woke up at 6am to church. It was a 2 hours service. Honestly I was very sleepy but there was an interesting word of wisdom from Pastor today:

"Life is not about you surviving through a storm but its about you dancing in the rain...." WOW~! Yeah! Its true. We always talked about how bad life is and how we struggled through the difficulties but it wasn't about all that? It was truly about how u can enjoyed yourself even there were difficulties in life. AMAZING.

Even though it was tiring but a new year to start with such great beginning, I AM VERY BLESSED.

Pastor also encouraged us to list the blessings that we got in 2010 to conclude the year. And to do things that PLEASE our Lord this 2011. I am inspired.

So here were my blessing 2010:
1) I managed to win an account which was competing with a 4As agency
2) I managed to learn to handle a Difficult client that has made me cry almost every other day
3) I made some new friends- Pauline, Jia Pey, Fiona and Jane
4) I have found myself a HOME CHURCH
5) I am blessed to have Tats here in KL with me
6) I managed to get my relationship issue all sorted out and finalizing all the status
7) I am blessed with a BANGKOK trip and followed by a SHANGHAI trip
8) I gotten about 4 people to go back to church
9) I have completed my Evangelizing course in church
10) I have broken my ankle bone and was on cast for 6 weeks and gotten a taste of being disabled
11) I went to a happening concert sponsored by Celcom (AMITE- AH MEI)
12) I gotten to experience a staff leaving our company after all these years of comfort having him all these years around me.
13) I went to SABAH and experience a true local celebration of New year beginning of 2010
14) I had gotten myself a regular helper at home to clean my house
15) I had a group of happening colleague that cleared my Hoarder Like house into a nice living space
16) I finally gotten some truth and learnt to embrace it whether I like it or not (Family matters)
17) I have survived without the use of credit card during shopping
18) Managed to chase a bad debt of 1 year from a regular client
19) I am blessed with a NEW macbook pro and a NEW Ipod Touch
20) I got myself involved selling layer cakes with success and repeated order


New Hope and Wishes for 2011

Time really flies. With just a blink, 2011 is here.

Well, what is my resolution? what is my wishes? hope...etc.

1) Stop Biting my nails or Skins...
2) Keep my Table tidy
3) Stop Changing mind or plan and stick to what I want or need
4) No more addiction of FB and Ipod
6) Take care of my weight and have a healthy DIET
7) Keep a LESS MEAT and MORE VEGGIE Diet 50% Vegetarian :)
8) Have a better financial control and plan in 2011.

Wish Lists:
1) To have a fantastic BIRTHDAY :)
2) To visit and spend more time with my parents
3) To be a good Testimony to GOD
4) To GO Bangkok, HongKong, Egypt and India. HEhehehehe
5) To wish for more friends and less enemies
6) I wish to be a FASHIONISTA hahahahah

YES! They are all gonna come to PASS! Have faith and keep praying :)