Sunday, 2 January 2011

Listening in different language

I attended Bahasa Service today. Tats was the drummer. Amazing service. The group was small maybe around 20pax but Holy Spirit just filled in that room that moved my heart. A few times during praise and worship, I could feel that my heart was pumping.

I had a hard time understand what Pastor Yayah was sharing. I guess I was totally "lost in translation" situation. Thank God, my Nokia has a Indonesian to English dictionary and look up the key words. It was a very basic massage about God's love and how as a Christian we should carry our attitude toward our lives. AMAZING.

You know the amazing part about attending a "Foreign" language was that we just concentrate on the body language and the key words. Like a Puzzle, we are just putting everything together. And at the end of the day, I asked Tats was it what all the sermon about? And he said YES. God just want me to pay attention and listen what He want me to understand. I am BLESSED.

And through this experience, I realised that perhaps God is equipping me for Mission work this year. I need to get used to foreign language such as Indonesian. So that I am able to widen my horizon. 2011 will be a meaningful year for me. I have decided to do more mission work and charity to give Glory to our Lord.

God is wonderful and definitely has a bigger plan for me. AMEN!

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