Saturday, 1 January 2011


This morning I woke up at 6am to church. It was a 2 hours service. Honestly I was very sleepy but there was an interesting word of wisdom from Pastor today:

"Life is not about you surviving through a storm but its about you dancing in the rain...." WOW~! Yeah! Its true. We always talked about how bad life is and how we struggled through the difficulties but it wasn't about all that? It was truly about how u can enjoyed yourself even there were difficulties in life. AMAZING.

Even though it was tiring but a new year to start with such great beginning, I AM VERY BLESSED.

Pastor also encouraged us to list the blessings that we got in 2010 to conclude the year. And to do things that PLEASE our Lord this 2011. I am inspired.

So here were my blessing 2010:
1) I managed to win an account which was competing with a 4As agency
2) I managed to learn to handle a Difficult client that has made me cry almost every other day
3) I made some new friends- Pauline, Jia Pey, Fiona and Jane
4) I have found myself a HOME CHURCH
5) I am blessed to have Tats here in KL with me
6) I managed to get my relationship issue all sorted out and finalizing all the status
7) I am blessed with a BANGKOK trip and followed by a SHANGHAI trip
8) I gotten about 4 people to go back to church
9) I have completed my Evangelizing course in church
10) I have broken my ankle bone and was on cast for 6 weeks and gotten a taste of being disabled
11) I went to a happening concert sponsored by Celcom (AMITE- AH MEI)
12) I gotten to experience a staff leaving our company after all these years of comfort having him all these years around me.
13) I went to SABAH and experience a true local celebration of New year beginning of 2010
14) I had gotten myself a regular helper at home to clean my house
15) I had a group of happening colleague that cleared my Hoarder Like house into a nice living space
16) I finally gotten some truth and learnt to embrace it whether I like it or not (Family matters)
17) I have survived without the use of credit card during shopping
18) Managed to chase a bad debt of 1 year from a regular client
19) I am blessed with a NEW macbook pro and a NEW Ipod Touch
20) I got myself involved selling layer cakes with success and repeated order


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