Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Hope and Wishes for 2011

Time really flies. With just a blink, 2011 is here.

Well, what is my resolution? what is my wishes? hope...etc.

1) Stop Biting my nails or Skins...
2) Keep my Table tidy
3) Stop Changing mind or plan and stick to what I want or need
4) No more addiction of FB and Ipod
6) Take care of my weight and have a healthy DIET
7) Keep a LESS MEAT and MORE VEGGIE Diet 50% Vegetarian :)
8) Have a better financial control and plan in 2011.

Wish Lists:
1) To have a fantastic BIRTHDAY :)
2) To visit and spend more time with my parents
3) To be a good Testimony to GOD
4) To GO Bangkok, HongKong, Egypt and India. HEhehehehe
5) To wish for more friends and less enemies
6) I wish to be a FASHIONISTA hahahahah

YES! They are all gonna come to PASS! Have faith and keep praying :)

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