Thursday, 15 December 2011

it was my honour...

He started off with a very humble beginning. From a dairy product salesman to a property tycoon, with almost 5 decades of entrepreneurship, it weren't easy at all. I met Tan Sri Tan Lai Kim 2 days ago. He was a very warm, friendly and humble man. Even though he rejected our designs, we had a short tea session and exchange our views. He told us that he loves horses and so I decided to draw him a Horse painting. He specifically requested to draw a horse couple. And I did. Both our meeting with him were filled with laughter and he gave us durians which he planted them personally. I am happy that I presented him the painting. It is also to reinforce our relationship with this client who has been with us for the last 3 years.

these are a few of my favourite things...:)

Friday, 9 December 2011


It was a difficult piece to do but I managed to pull it through. Quite hard to master the skill of drawing muscles especially on animal. But its a nice process. This piece will be sold to a family friend. I hope that she will like it :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ready For Sale...

My drawings will be parting with me next weekend... :( sad. I will have to get used to this feeling. An artist once told me, we must learn to be DETACHED. Drawing or any artistic act requires focus and concentration. Its a personal moment as every stroke, colour and even finishing will trigger the emotions. It is very hard to explain that feeling. It does has a therapeutic effect from our daily stressful life. I enjoyed this feeling. And my painting is the only witness and evidence through this experience. Its personal and so my only wish is that the people who bought my work will be able to cherish it like a legacy.

Monday, 5 December 2011

My Vintage World

I was born in the 70s. An era of retro stuff, The Beatles and all the happy shiny people. Its in me. I just love these vintage stuff. Been always wanted a Vespa. I am always jealous with my 70 years old neighbour who ride around my house area with it. Even though his vespa looks really bad, still i am not very happy the fact that the old man was riding it and not me. hahahah! Here are a series of drawings i have done lately, celebrating the great design of the 70s. Enjoy. :)