Sunday, 25 September 2011

I am giving blood today!!

My lunch today is just a sweet corn and edamame...I am eating plain because I am donating my blood today at 3pm. I will try to donate my blood every 3months once. My way to contribute back to the society. Honestly, there are not many who can give blood. You must have the courage and also be physically fit otherwise even if you have the courage but your blood is not suitable they won't even pull a single drop of blood out of you. Today, I will be going alone. Whatever it is, my intention is to bless other just like the way I blessed those cancer patients with my Sabah Snake Grass...

This was taken today at Tropicana City Mall... :)
Blood giving...if you have the courage, I urged everyone to go for it. Do something meaningful in life. Give blood to save others.

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