Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Days when you get sick...

Call me a health freak or whatever...but I am one person who cares a lot about my health. Even though it is not necessary to do a body check up yearly for my age, I have been taking blood test every year without fail since age 26. On a regular basis, I will take a glass of freshly blend fruit juice with Sabah Snake Grass. I will drink it with my empty stomach before going to work every morning. I believe in natural remedy however when it gets too serious I will visit the nearby clinic - Dr. Ravi. I like this doctor as he seldom prescribe me with Antibiotic if there is nothing too serious.

Today, I am kinda sick. There is only a few things that will trigger it all- a) lack of sleep b) too tired c) Going to Pub, smokey area or drinking cold water. And now it is just a bit of running nose. I believe it could due to the long hours drive on the road and the ridiculous weather changed lately. Took some antihistamines and slept early the night before. I felt better today but I will do the same again tonight. But honestly, I HATE RUNNING NOSE. hahahah. All that sneezing and watery eyes are making me really annoying! So pray for me. :)

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