Friday, 6 May 2011

Who Are YOU?

I realised that lately my blog has been an interest to many Singaporean. Hahahaha~! And the funny part was all these people were Window users when my family and friends are mostly Mac users. So who are u? Are u a friend? Family? Or just some BUSY BODY. Anyway, you are welcome to read whatever that was written here (since its sort of PUBLIC PROPERTY Hahaha) but if its going to hurt you in one way or another, then my advice is-STOP READING. This is a place where i VENT out my anger, thoughts and things around me. I have nothing against anybody. My conscious is clear and if you want to use my blog entry as a subject to make yourself miserable, all i can say is I AM NOT accountable for it. :)Take care and May God bless you always, my mystery readers.

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