Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mama, I love you.

Last night at Cell Group, our cell leader asked us to share a significant thing or memorable event that our mom had done for us. For a moment, I couldn't think of anything as everything was significant and memorable for me. My mom has been a remarkable and sacrificial person who is forever generous to others and loving to all of us.

But there was something which I would like to share and credit to her. For the longest time, my house in KL has been in a mess. And if discovery channel would wanna cover a topic of Hoarder, I can be qualified as one. Hahahaha. I am a person who like to keep stuff and store everything including wrappers from Christmas after Christmas. Everything seems to have a sentimental value for me.

So about a few months ago, my mom came to visit me. She decided to stay a bit longer about a week and at first she wanted to find a bigger house for me but later she decided to do a "SLIGHT" transformation to my place. So she so called "IMPRISONMENT" herself in my house for almost 4 days. And she also bought some furnitures and racks for my room. TO MY SURPRISE, she transformed my place into a beautiful, well organised and comfortable sanctuary. Furthermore, she also found a part-time cleaner for me to engage to clean my place once a week. Even though there are many stuff that I still couldn't find them today, I am very grateful to my mom. She is truly a SUPERMOM and gifted interior designer. Her act of service truly touched my heart and till today I couldn't thank her enough.

I don't often paint but this July I am gonna surprise her with a nice huge painting. And theme shall be "HER FAVOURITE PERSON" heheheh. ;)

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