Saturday, 31 January 2015

It has been a long while...

Ever since we took over this premise, I have not actively done much for the Gallery. Apart from getting Pepper's works in and done a numbers of drawings myself, I haven't done much at all. A decision was made whether NOW or NEVER. We have spent so much on the renovations and had so many plans for it. Yet I was constantly in my CLOUD 9…daydreaming for sales to happen when I don't even move.
It is honestly painful to see so many works needed to be done and I am not doing anything about it. Day in day out, I have all my tasks piling up…numbers to watch and accounts to follow through. It wasn’t not all lost. But sometimes I feel as if I was running away. I honestly have shouldered a little too much. But these are responsibilities. I just have to face them, be strong and get one thing done at a time.
Finally, a few days ago, I decided to move my workstation to the gallery. I think in order for an art gallery works, I need to actively gather database and contacts. Meet people. Talk to people. Be around and everywhere. My focus for 2015 will be 60% for my Agency work and 40% for my Gallery. I will be around for the agency management; it’s just that I have decided to sit downstairs in order to get connected to the Gallery side. So this shall be it.
I think for a longest time, I have put my focus on different areas. Trying so hard to balance up everything. I decided to give up on relationship for now…the more I want it, I believe the more I won’t have it. So I guess I just have to be cool about it and get busy on other stuff. That's all. Another 1 more day is February…and another few more days I will be 39. This shall be my last year being in my 30s…next year I will be in my 40s. I better make things work. Otherwise, I will be sitting here thinking what have I done? Wasting precious time…and its ticking away

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