Monday, 1 December 2014

Getting a new tatt...

Before I left for Bangkok, she said, "Don't break my heart and get a new tattoo of Cat again. You know how much I hated that!" I nodded.

But inside my mind, I was all set to do it. For the longest time, I wanted to have a tattoo for my cat Cheevas (Didi). I think this cat is rather special. Not only he has a bob tail and was once rejected by the supposed owner, Didi's personality is quite introvert. He is not as friendly as Vodka (Kaka). He often hide himself whenever there is stranger in the house. However, Didi would always be the one who follows me everywhere in the house. He would "headbutt"me. And very often put his body next to my hand so that I could tummy rub him. He is quite a 'Manja' cat. So unlike Kaka who is usually more popular among my friends, Didi is only close to certain people and so he is kind of special for me.

I thought about where this tattoo to be placed. Being an owner of an advertising agency, very often i will get to meet corporate client and it is not appropriate to have a tattoo on my arm. But HEY its advertising world and they are dealing with creative people like us. If we can't even express ourselves, what make them think they can entrust you with branding project or anything creative? Hahaha! Ok..thats my verdict. So I did without any consideration about what is going to happen next and how to explain this to my mum who is suffering from Ailurophobia. I have about 7 days to think of a damn good reason before I see her on the 8th. But I do believe that she will eventually accept it and still love me as who I am.

I enjoy having my tattoo process done in Bangkok. I think Thai are naturally creative people. Even though we might have a little language barrier, they understood and picked up what I wanted easily. They are very patience, polite and most important of all they are very gentle. It was a 3 hours process and there wasn't much pain nor blood surprisingly.

I was pretty happy about the finished work. I believe I can wear this for a long time without any regret. Well, we live this life once so why so SERIOUS?

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