Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I can't sleep...

I am very sleepy yet I am still wide awake. Thanks to the 6 cups of Earl Grey I drank today. It was a crazy Monday and I was traveling around NON-STOP...From Bank to Post Office to Bank again then to a 4pm Meeting and back to Office and then another 7pm meeting till 12am. Total Madness. I wasn't prepared for a Long Monday. So I was really upset and moody. However, I must say that our meetings were all very constructive and it has been a very productive day. I should be happy. Now that I am wide awake, I couldn't stop thinking about things especially my personal safety. I was worried of mid-night Burglary. Burglars that climbed over roof top to enter a house to commit crimes etc. I am seriously scared. I have my teddy bear with me..a metal tripod next to me and a bible next to me. A quick prayer of Safety and thats it. I honestly can't think anymore and decided to leave everything to God's hands. I didn't draw at all tonight... and I feel so shitty. "Please, Lord...don't make tomorrow like today. I need to take a break before my long day on Wednesday. Amen!"

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