Thursday, 10 November 2011


Lately I was being approached by someone to draw some paintings for a Boutique Hotel. And they wanted me to explore Black And White using Charcoal. I have never use Charcoal to draw before but I was willing to take up the challenge by exploring into it. So I went to Art Friends to get some art material to work on the request. I got in Charcoal, Pastel and also some light weight papers. For 2 nights, I was exploring this new medium and to my surprise the effect turned out to be pretty cool and I love it. I realized that in life, we have to learn to take up challenges and not be afraid if all fails. After all, its the experience and process that we were after and they will shape us to a better person. So these were the experimental process. Enjoy...

In Full Pastel on black paper
My 3 version of Ang Ku Kueh
My version of Ink, Watercolour and Pastel
Pastel on Black Paper
Pencil, Charcoal & Pastel...

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